HotSpot MWC Server

HotSpot Server gives to you easy way to earn sharing broadband. It can serve up to 64 clients. Server gives WPA-PSK level security. After use it restores Access Point settings. So you can give access for hotspotters when you do not need your AP by

RX-PSK31  v.3. 1. 2001

It is a Windows PSK31 receiving program especially designed for SWL's. Features: - Easy to use Audio Spectrum and PSK31 decoding program. It decodes all popular PSK modes.


Airlink Express  v.

Airlink Express is a user friendly digital mode software package for the Amateur Radio Operator. It offers PSK, MFSK and RTTY digital modes with logging and macro capabilities.

WIFI Key Generator  v.1.0

WIFI Key Generator - Wifigen is een update van het oude Wep key generator. Deze nieuwe versie bied een veel kleinere download en ook ondersteuning voor WPA/PSK keys.Draadloze netwerken, ook wel WLAN's genoemd, zijn standaard onbeveiligd.

CommView for WiFi  v.6.3

CommView for WiFi is a powerful wireless network monitor and analyzer for 802.11 a/b/g networks. With CommView you can see the list of network connections and vital IP statistics and examine individual packets.

LucidLink Wireless Client

LucidLink Wireless Client is easy to use & solves problems Wi-Fi users face connecting to different WiFi networks. Automatically detects network security settings, alerts for incompatible settings and provides instructions for resolving them, ensuring

WiFi-Manager  v.5.9

WiFi-Manager is a developer tool that allows you to manage wireless networks and settings in Windows XP SP2/SP3 and Vista using one set of API functions.

Advanced WiFi-Manager  v.5.5

Advanced WiFi-Manager is a developer tool that allows you to manage wireless networks and settings in Windows 2000, 2003, XP and Vista using one set of API functions.

MMSSTV  v.1 13

MMSSTV is a useful and free Amateur Radio application with a friendly interface. It has multipage for folder thumbnail, fast thumbnail browsing, OLE support. The thumbnail window is useful for managing your picture resources.

WinWarbler  v.7. 1. 2006

A free soundcard application supporting PSK31, PSK63, RTTY, CW, and Phone operation.


MMANA-GAL is an antenna-analyzing tool based on the moment method, which was introduced in MININEC.

BUFFALO Client Manager 3  v.

Client Manager 3 is also a critical part of Buffalo's push button, automated setup technology, AOSS (AirStation One-Touch Secure Setup).

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